Mercator Partners

Mercator Partners

Capitalizing on structural disruption
from global decarbonization.

The Opportunity

The power, transport, manufacturing and primary production sectors have remained largely undisturbed in their design for over half a century.

These sectors are entering a period of structural change as an acceleration in digital and computational capabilities converge with an era of unparalleled progress across science and technology focused on decarbonization and sustainable alternatives.

Mercator Partners is an asset management platform focused on capturing this multi-decade thematic.

Our investment strategy is built around a primary research discipline that draws on thought leaders in academia, national laboratories, and proprietary analysis to develop an in-depth understanding of the nature and scope for disruption. The process also identifies early-stage private co-investment opportunities.

Disclaimer: There can be no guarantee that Mercator Partners will be able to implement its investment strategy or achieve its investment objectives.

The Change

In our view, basic industries will be re-defined by four major structural changes in the coming decades.

01 Electrification

The conversion of machines, processes, or systems to be powered by electricity

02 Decentralization

The shift of production away from a concentrated number of providers to a mass, shared or local architecture

03 Efficiency

Achieving alternative superior or like outcomes while requiring fewer resources

04 Sustainability

Changes to resource consumption to ensure that both future availability and global environment is not compromised


The energy transition requires innovation across new materials, industrial processes, hardware solutions & business models.

Mercator works closely with founders from academia, National Labs, & associated industry networks in the launch of new initiatives focused on differentiated pathways to decarbonization.

Disclaimer: Investments presented above are for illustration only and they represent a sample of types of investments made. There can be no assurance that Mercator will offer any investors significant (or any) co-investment opportunities in the future. Logos are protected trademarks of their respective owners and Mercator disclaims any association with them and any rights associated with such trademarks.
  • Seed + Series A
  • Permanent CO2 removal via Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW)
  • Founder Princeton U. affiliation
Princeton Stellarators
  • Seed Investment
  • Novel Fusion System Design
  • DOE National Lab spin-out
Stealth Co
  • Pre-Seed
  • Transformative mid-stream hydrogen technology meeting DOE 2030 performance target
  • Founder Princeton U. affiliation


Scott’s 20+ years of experience in asset management span public equity and venture investing, commodity derivative and physical commodity trading. As Chief Investment Officer of Mercator, Scott is responsible for overall investment strategy, portfolio construction and risk management.
Scott Hobart
Matthew has 20+ years finance experience in portfolio management, research, and private equity across basic materials, and has worked with Scott for the last 10 years. Matthew leads Mercator’s stock specific investment diligence and risk management modeling.
Matthew Cross
Martin oversees Mercator’s Primary Research function, a standalone research platform focusing on first principles analysis of the key scientific and technological trends driving decarbonization and sustainability in the basic materials sector. A key focus is accessing thought leaders within academia, national labs, and industry. Martin received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Princeton University.
Martin Fransson PhD
Ryan leads the non-investment function of the organization. His 16+ years of experience in finance spans back and middle office operations, operational due diligence and regulation. Ryan is focused on all operational aspects of the business, compliance, and business development.
Ryan Kus