Mercator Partners

Mercator Partners

Capitalizing on structural disruption
across global basic material markets.

The Opportunity

The energy, transport, manufacturing and primary production sectors have remained largely undisturbed in their design for over half a century.

These sectors, which form the nucleus of global basic materials demand, are entering a period of structural change as technology enabled solutions begin to extend into many of the physical industries that shape society.

Such changes will bring with them significant implications for how basic materials are produced, consumed, stored and transported, with scope to leave many industries ultimately unrecognizable from their current state.

Mercator Partners is an asset management platform focused on capitalizing off this multi decade thematic.

The Change

Basic materials markets will be re-defined by four major structural changes in the coming decades.

01 Electrification

The conversion of machines or systems to the use of direct feed electrical power

02 Decentralization

The shift of production away from a concentrated number of providers to a mass, shared or localized architecture

03 Efficiency

The comparison of what is actually achieved with what can be achieved with the same set of resources

04 Sustainability

Changes to resource consumption to ensure that both future availability and global environment is not compromised